Area of Exceptionality

Deaf Blind student

Areas of Exceptionality

Deaf and hard of hearing students with disabilities have the educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing students plus the educational needs associated with one of the disabilities discussed in this section. The interaction of the disabilities creates educational needs that are not characteristic of any single disability.

The diagnosis of second and third disabilities is often more difficult than diagnosing a single disability, and parents and professionals often delay recognizing or accepting diagnoses of additional disabilities, which can result in developmental delays that curriculum planning should address.

Odyssey 2010

Odyssey 2010: Supporting Students: Working Together to Meet Diverse Needs

This issue of Odyssey is entirely focused on meeting the needs of deaf  and hard of hearing students with disabilities. There is a wide range of articles from advocacy, shared reading, accessing and using interpreters, and teaching models for working with students with diverse needs. Parents, teachers, and professionals will be able to use this information to apply to their environment.



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